You’re ready to move your career forward in a new direction – your way. You’ve achieved some accomplishments you’re genuinely proud of, and you’ve listened to the feedback from other people of what you need to do to be ready for the next big jump in your career. But inside, you know there’s another way, a better way – your way. One that feels right for you, because you can step into your true, authentic power to create a career which energizes, inspires and fulfills you. And as a result, you’re able to lead by example, in turn inspiring others to follow your lead.

The only problem is, you don’t know how to make it happen.

It’s your time to become the true leader you want to be.

Enjoy a successful & purposeful career.

I’m Clare Kinsey, a Career Performance & Mindset Coach, Marketing Consultant and writer. 

I work with women who are ready to clarify what they truly want from their career, and are willing to step into their power to achieve their goals.

My clients are authentic and heart-centered women who seek careers aligned with their purpose, passions, strengths, and values.

I’ve learned that external success follows doing the internal work, and deciding to have the courage to claim what you really want. There is no other way forward to reach your highest self and your fullest potential.

With 7 years experience in senior leadership positions holding corporate marketing, product and strategy roles, and having led teams of marketers with responsibility for multi-million dollar marketing budgets, I combine my professional experience with my personal belief that external success comes once the internal work is completed.

So if you:

◊ Work in the corporate world and want to stop feeling stuck, unmotivated and tired of the 9 to 5 grind.

◊ Want to clarify your career purpose, in order to identify your next move, and to align with your values so you can truly thrive.

◊ Want to regain your energy, strength, and confidence, in order to bring your best self to work every day.

◊ Want to stop playing small and free yourself from your inner critic, to achieve what you really desire.

Then connect with me here for a complimentary 30 minute Discovery Call and we’ll explore how coaching could be just what you need to get to the next level.